New Trusted Traveler Program in Japan

UPDATE: There were a few other rules to Japan’s Trusted Traveler program that I was not aware of. The information has been reflected in this updated post.

Welcome to the first post of 2017 on the Japan Tips blog. My thanks once again to those who have supported this page and I hope that your year will be full of happiness, good cheer… and maybe a trip to Japan!

Long time followers to this blog know that I do not answer questions about Japanese immigration (see the disclaimer) but for this post I will address one immigration topic that has come to light in recent months – and may just very well be a good thing for those looking to bypass immigration queues more quickly at the airport.

A few months ago, Japan started a Trusted Traveler Program. Like several other countries, including the United States, the purpose of the Trusted Traveler Program is to allow pre-screened, low-risk travelers the opportunity to bypass the lines for immigration and/or customs counters at certain ports of entry by allowing them to use computer kiosks. These kiosks will typically take your photo, scan your fingerprints and allow you to answer immigration/customs declaration questions before allowing you to proceed. I signed up for the US’ version of Trusted Traveler, Global Entry, in 2014. It’s probably the best $100 spent… since not only can I use kiosks entering the US, I also can get expedited security screening via TSA PreCheck.

In Japan’s case, eligibility for their version of Trusted Traveler is quite different. You must satisfy both criteria:
1) You must have visited Japan twice in the last 12 months, have not been deported from Japan, are visiting from a country where a visa to enter Japan is not required, and will be visiting for short-term business, sightseeing, or to visit relatives.
2) You must also prove that you work for a large business, or visit on business related to the Japanese government or a Japanese business.

If you are a United States citizen and are already enrolled in the US Trusted Traveler Program “Global Entry” then the business requirement (#2 above) is waived.

To sign up for the program, you must first go to the website for Japanese Immigration to submit an application. There are two steps: The first occurs during the online registration process. Once your online registration is approved, you then have three months to fly to Japan and complete an in-person interview with an immigration official who will take your photograph and fingerprints. The interview is done after you have cleared landing formalities, so you will have to go through the standard immigration queues.

During the interview you will have to pay a fee of 2,200 yen (About $20 USD with the current exchange rate). When the interview is completed, you will receive a registered user card that will allow you to use the automated gates wherever they are available – currently Narita and Haneda airports in the Tokyo area, Chubu Centrair airport in the Nagoya area, and Kansai airport in the Osaka area. The card is valid for either three years or until the expiration of your passport, whichever is shorter.

Note that this automated gates only cover the immigration portion of the arrival procedures. Customs, from my understanding, is a different story and you will need to go through those channels in the usual way.

This sounds like an excellent program to take advantage of, especially for those who already have Global Entry. However, as a Global Entry member I am still required to visit Japan at least twice a year before I receive the card, so this program would not be of good use to me.

For those who make trips to Japan on a regular basis for business, pleasure or family, Japan’s Trusted Traveler Program may be a wise investment.

HT to Brad on Travel Codex for his post on the topic today.

2 thoughts on “New Trusted Traveler Program in Japan

  1. Hi Jose. Found your blog posting about this. Do you happen to know long does it take to get the ‘1st online registration approval’ ? I submitted mine on Feb 1st, and will be flying to Jp on Feb 9th LOL

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