Tohoku Shinkansen Update – April 12

A quick update on Tohoku Shinkansen trains, as I posted to the JTrains forum:

April 11, Yamagata Shinkansen services resume between Fukushima, Yamagata and Shinjo.

April 12, Tohoku Shinkansen services resume between Nasu-Shiobara and Fukushima. The timetable for services is here (in Japanese):

The services offered will be:
Nasuno/Max Nasuno, Tokyo-Nasu Shiobara (some services to Koriyama), all stations.
Yamabiko/Max Yamabiko, Tokyo-Fukushima, all stations.
Tsubasa, stopping at Tokyo, Ueno, Omiya, Utsunomiya, Koriyama, Fukushima, then all stops to Yamagata or Shinjo.

Tsubasa services will run on their own, not coupled to any other service.

Generally the frequency is one Nasuno and one Yamabiko service per hour, and one Tsubasa service every two hours. During morning and evening peak travel these frequencies will change.

Yamabiko and Tsubasa trains to Fukushima will connect to Tohoku Main Line trains to Sendai: either a scheduled local, or a rapid service which will be classified as a “Shinkansen Relay” or a “Rinji Kaisoku” (extra rapid). The rapid trains run from Fukushima to Sendai, making just one stop at Shiroishi station.

The Nasuno and Yamabiko will have unreserved seating except for the green car. The Tsubasa will have reserved and unreserved seating.

The rest of the Tohoku Shinkansen will be re-opened as follows, according to JR East:

Fukushima to Sendai: April 27
Sendai to Ichinoseki: End of April ~ beginning of May
Ichinoseki to Morioka: April 24
Morioka to Shin-Aomori: April 13

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