Update: Japan Border Reopening

Update: It looks like the border reopening has been set for October 11.

Well it seems it didn’t take too long since my last post, but we interrupt my permanent hiatus to inform you that the Prime Minister of Japan has announced plans for Japan to further ease border restrictions next month. He announced this last night at a dinner in New York City, where he has attended the United Nations General Assembly.

More details are yet to come, but as of right now it’s *expected* that if you have had three COVID shots and are coming from a country or territory that has a visa exemption with Japan for short-term travel, you will be able to enter Japan without testing, quarantine or travel restrictions! This is what is being widely reported by media outlets.

I am still not planning to actively contribute to this page, especially right now as I have more things that I have to worry about… recently I suffered a fall in my summer home, broke my hip and underwent a hip replacement surgery. However I did want to pass along the good news that one of our favorite countries now appears to be taking steps to reopen to independent tourism!

Once I have additional details I’ll pass them along.

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