And the fares just keep on falling… under $700 r/t on Delta

Update 4/9/15: Looks like the deals are now gone, and at the current time the below flights can be had for just around $1,000 round-trip.

The amazingly cheap airfares that Delta has maintained on flights to Tokyo, Japan over the last few days are now… ridiculously cheaper. However, as the saying goes, “certain restrictions apply.”

Delta now has cheap airfares from select US cities… most of which have already been mentioned on this blog… connecting to their late-night flights to Haneda Airport. Depending on the arrival and timing, there are more limited travel options out of Haneda in the late night hours compared to an afternoon arrival at Narita, so keep this in mind… unless of course you’re willing to spend night #1 at the hotel inside the terminal 🙂

Delta’s fares connecting to Haneda are now under $700 round trip. Found this morning:

Philadelphia to Tokyo Haneda: $674 round trip.
Charlotte to Tokyo Haneda: $668 round trip.
Miami to Tokyo Haneda: $670 round trip.
Dallas to Tokyo Haneda: $665 round trip.
Phoenix to Tokyo Haneda: $665 round trip.

Yes, these fares to Japan were found from American Airlines hubs.

Flying on Delta, with the exception of Phoenix, you will have to take TWO flights to connect to the Haneda flight out of Seattle. The start of the return trip goes to the US on a Haneda flight to either Seattle or Los Angeles. The fare is good for all Monday-Thursday flights throughout the year, except for some summer dates.

I am wondering if these fare sales are going on because of the US Department of Transportation’s recent ruling concerning the slot, or authority, awarded to Delta for flights between Seattle and Tokyo Haneda. Delta only operated this flight on occasion over the last few months, and while I won’t get into more specifics, the US DOT is requiring that Delta maintain a daily service on this route or else their slot will be forfeited and handed over to… surprise! – American Airlines. Maybe this is a way for them to desperately fill seats on that Seattle to Haneda flight?

In any case, you are the winner. If you’re willing to do a few hops to reach Tokyo, this is a ridiculously low airfare, so go ahead and book while it’s hot!

4 thoughts on “And the fares just keep on falling… under $700 r/t on Delta

  1. Tishann

    Thabks! I actually booked the deal so I will be in Japan for 8 days. Can I take a train from Haneda into Tokyo? My flight arrives at 10:40pm on Sunday.

    1. Hi Tishann! The final trains leave Haneda Airport at 12 midnight (Keikyu to Shinagawa and Tokyo Monorail to Hamamatsucho) so if you make it through immigration and customs before this time you will be able to take one of these trains. If you miss, you would have to then take a taxi (expensive) or one of the few late night buses that run into Tokyo.
      Have you already booked hotel accommodations? There are a few hotels in the vicinity of Haneda where you could spend the first night if you wanted.

      1. Tishann

        I actually arrive at 10:15pm and will try to catch the last train into Tokyo. I will also consider a hotel for the night just in case I do not get there in time. Any suggestions?

      2. The most convenient hotel is ROYAL PARK HOTEL THE HANEDA, which is directly connected to Haneda Airport.
        The hotel has two sections. Do not book any rooms on transit side (before customs) as these rooms are meant for passengers traveling from international to international flights.
        There is also HOTEL JAL CITY HANEDA. It is a short walk from a local station on Keikyu a few stops away on Haneda… If trains stop you can take a short taxi ride there; it’ll be a little pricy but not as expensive as taking a cab to Tokyo.

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