New Hotel Opening at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport International Terminal

Several news outlets in Japan are reporting the opening in a few days of a new hotel directly connected to the International terminal building at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, and from the looks of it, the hotel may be of tremendous benefit to international travelers who arrive late in the evening or those who are transiting in Tokyo to other countries.

The new hotel is the Royal Park Hotel – The Haneda, part of the Royal Park’s oddly-named “THE” series of hotels. There are over 300 rooms in single, twin bed and suite configurations and the standard amenities. This will make this hotel an ideal location for those who land at Tokyo Haneda airport in the late evening hours when the availability of public transportation becomes sparse.

What is even more interesting, on the other hand, is that a small number of the hotel’s rooms have been designated to be in the *secure area* of the airport. I know of a few hotels like the one in the middle of DFW airport that has its own security entrance to the airport, but this hotel is the first I’ve ever heard of where some of the rooms are inside security! The secure area of Haneda’s International buildings will provide access to 17 bedrooms and eight rooms with showers. So if you plan to stay overnight at Haneda before continuing on to another country, you will be able to stay here – in the part of the hotel dubbed “Tokyo Transit” – without having to go through immigration formalities.

One thing that will have to be kept in mind is the price, as the price is in the high range for Tokyo accommodations. A random search for a weekday night in November yielded room rack rates of 15,000-23,000 yen, but there are discounts available for booking in advance… you just have to scroll down the site and tab to different pages to find the best rate. (There were 48 different “Stay plans” for the date I had selected!!)

With a location that benefits late-arriving International and International transit passengers, The Royal Park Hotel – The Haneda seems to be a promising option! No more TRAVEL WOES!

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