Tip #1: Get a Passport!

Hello everyone! Here is my quick tip of the day for travel to Japan.

I’ve been to a few anime-themed conventions in my time, and at two of these I have gone to whatever panel is dedicated to people interested in visiting Japan. For some reason or another, at least HALF of the one-hour panels were spent on discussing passports and immigration. By the time the panels were ready to get deep down into Japan travel, time ran out.

If you plan on visiting Japan in the future, now is the time to take your first step. Whether you’re planning on going in two months, two years, not sure, not at all….. GET A PASSPORT. There’s no need to discuss it… Passports are good for a very long time and it’s best to start the process NOW to obtain one. It’ll be one less step to worry about in the long run!

The end. 🙂

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