Coming Soon – Videos!

A quick post to let everyone know that I’ve “unearthed” my videos from the September 2013 trip to Japan, and I hope to share some of these videos with you in the near future! I have more free time over the next few weeks, so hopefully I will make some progress.

My first video, hopefully (the key word), will be how to purchase Japnese bullet train tickets from a vending machine.

2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Videos!

  1. lin kho

    Hi jose,

    We are group of six women, will be travelling to japan from april 16 – april 30. Our main interest is to visit tokyo, kyoto, and the surrounding area. Friends who had been to japan suggested us to purchase the 7 days shinkansen green car,for reasons that while in tokyo we can use the tokyo local transportations. By doing this way we save some money. We need your advice, so we can make a decision soon. Thank you. Good day jose.

    Regards, Lin

    1. Hi Lin, thanks for replying to my blog!
      I assume you are starting in Tokyo, and will return to Tokyo?
      The Green Car Japan Rail Pass gives you green car access, which can be a little more comfortable than standard class. Though for the six of you, you might want to look at ordinary passes for two reasons… First it is obviously cheaper, but also because if the six of you travel together you can look for reserved seating facing each other. In green class seating is 2×2… In ordinary class it is 3×2 in each row. You can turn a row of three seats in the other direction so that you all face each other 🙂
      I think this is something to consider. Whatever you choose, you will want to make your train reservations as early as you can because the end of April is heavily travelled. Try to make all of your reservations as soon as you exchange for your rail pass, if you can.


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