Culture Lessons from Japanese Students

I am happy to post and recommend several videos posted by HIUC students in Japan who are learning English. They give lessons about the Japanese culture. When I saw these videos I was pleased to see that they know a lot of English! I also learned many things that I never knew before when it comes to Japanese culture. For example I did not know that when visiting a Japanese shrine (Shinto religion), you are not supposed to walk under the middle of the torii gate at the entrance… that entrance is reserved for the gods so you have to walk around it. A bad thing because, if I remember correctly, I walked through the middle of several of them when I went to Meiji shrine 😛

My thanks to the HIUC students (I wish I knew what HIUC means!)  for providing such a valuable service to everyone via YouTube. I highly recommend that you view all of their videos so that you can get a better understanding of the culture. Who knows, these all might come into play when you visit Japan one day!

HOW TO BEHAVE AT A JAPANESE SHRINE, presented by Daishiro, Asuka and Tai

JAPANESE LUCKY CHARMS, presented by Ken, Ayaka and Hayami

JINBEI AND YUKATA, presented by Ryo and Natsuko

PRINT CLUB (“Purikura”), presented by Yuya, Hayato and Mei

SUMMER FESTIVALS, presented by Masato and Shoko

JAPANESE RICE, presented by Haruka and Karin

LUNCH BOXES, presented by Mai and Tomomi

POCKET TISSUES, presented by Shin (Nice shirt!) and Rie

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