Japan Travel-themed radio show on June 7

Wow, 3 months since my last post. So I’m due to write something. This’ll be quick, too. This coming Monday I will be hosting a radio program where I will take questions from anyone who is interested in visiting Japan one day. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’ve been to Japan twice, and although I really can’t brand myself as an ‘expert’, I’ll do my best to answer your queries. (Of course if you are reading this, you may wish to read the posts on this blog first!)

The show is the “JRHorse Side Project”, a program that I host weekly on Keiichi.net Radio. It normally airs on Sundays, but this week only it will air on Monday. Start time for the show is 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central/5 PM Pacific. If you do the GMT thing, the start time is Midnight GMT going into Tuesday. To listen to the show, click on the Keiichi.net Radio link above and select “LISTEN” from the home page. Don’t forget to also select the “CHATROOM” link to send me your questions.

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